Question: Will the Comparison Chart be frequently updated for future use?
Answer: Plan is to get all the data from the framework publishers themselves and integrate it into the Comparison Chart. This way the publishers themselves can keep their data for the chart up to date. See how it works.

Question: I have found a framework that is not part of Comparison Chart. How can I add it?
Answer: Let the framework publisher know about the Comparison Chart so that they can participate in the project.

Question: Our framework supports a certain attribute that is not included in the Comparison Chart such as another development language or plattform.
Answer: Let me know (mail@markus-falk.com).

Question: I have found an error in your Comparison Chart. How can this be corrected?
Answer: Although I am aiming on getting all the data from framework publishers themselves to always keep it correct and up to date there are a few frameworks that do not yet participate. However, I felt the need for them to be in the Comparison Chart which is why data for those is based on my own research. If there is something wrong please let me know (mail@markus-falk.com) and I will immediately correct it.

Question: Our framework supports "Geolocation" on iOS and Android but not on Blackberry OS. What value would be correct to provide?
Answer: For now I recommend to use "true" if it is supported for the majority of your supported plattforms.

Question: Will the Comparison Chart be available as CSV, XML, spreadsheet or EXCEL export?
Answer: No. The data is not much usefull without the wizard that filters it. If you miss any functionality write me an e-mail and let me know how to improve the wizard.

Question: How can I support you?
Answer: You could spread the word or find new frameworks that might participate. Thanks :)

Question: Who are you?
Answer: I'm a webdeveloper from Dresden, Germany currently concentrating on the mobile web. See my website www.markus-falk.com for further information.